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These usually larger pieces were originally created for optimum storage as well as aesthetic presence. In keeping with that practice the various chests shown come from a variety of Pennsylvanian traditions, all providing a pleasing visual presence and maximum storage capacity. From English Chippendale tall chests, to painted Pennsylvanian German Blanket chests these pieces are constructed in the same manner and with the same integrity as the originals. Hand cut dovetails, mortise and tenon, and wooden pegs comprise the structure, while hand carved ornaments and hand applied finishes adorn the cases.

Pennsylvania German Schrank

Philadelphia Chippendale Chest on Chest

Chippendale Linen Press

Queen Ann Chest on Frame

Chippendale Double Chest of Drawers

Queen Ann Lingerie Chest

Philadelphia Chippendale Bedside Dressers

Bunnfooted Side Chest

Sheraton Bedside Chest of Drawers

Miniature Chests of Drawers

Blanket Chest on Frame

Black Unicorn Blanket Chest

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