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Chairs are perhaps the most interactive furniture in which we come in contact. The feel and comfort of a chair is paramount to its success as a piece of furniture. The aesthetics of the chair is important, the structure needs to be durable, but above all, a chair must be comfortable. Over the course of my business I have endeavored to meet all three of the above criteria. My chairs represent the various styles and regions of 18th Century America. As with all my pieces, the chairs are entirely the product of handcraft with mortised and tenon joints, hand carved ornaments, and hand rubbed finishes. Above all, my chairs are designed to be comfortable. By giving the chairs an ergonomic elegance, the tactile appreciation that comes from sitting in the chairs is just as rewarding as looking at them.

Chippendale Arm Chair

Chippendale Side Chair

Queen Ann Settee

Queen Ann Side Chair

Delaware Valley Ladder-back Arm Chair

Delaware Valley Ladder Back Side Chair

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Philadelphia Windsor Writing Arm Chair

Philadelphia Windsor Comb Back

Philadelphia Windosr Sackback

Thomas Gilpin Windsor Arm Chair

Philadelphia Windsor Fan Back

Large Philadelpia Fan Back Windsor

Windsor Settee

Philadelphia Windsor Bowback

Chester County Bowback Windsor Arm Chair

Windsor Bar Stool

Windsor Stool

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My work on Windsor Chairs has been a twenty-year long process and continues to be refined as I seek to create chairs that are both accurate, and comfortable. Each chair is handmade in a traditional manner, with hewn seats, shaved spindles, and turned legs. Each chair uses a variety of woods, as did originals, to suit the various structural needs of each component. These chairs are the epitome of durability, and have a resilience unlike any other wood chair I have seen or made. I offer the chairs in either light, moderate, or heavy distressed paints as per client requests.

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